There are people who pass through our lives like a gentle breeze in the middle of a warm day, brightening our hearts, refreshing our spirit. We learn from them as they pass on the lessons we need to learn at that precise moment in time – and they leave us quietly, almost unexpectedly.

Yet for those brief moments, something happens that we are forever changed. As we pass through this life and evolve, we can remember each lesson and the way it made us feel. Like reminiscing on the image of the learning child happily holding the coveted red balloon, joyous for the brief moment as it suddenly flies away to decorate the heavens. The child, encouraged to whisper a wish as the red balloon goes on its way, finds peace and comfort as it disappears from view.

My yoga teacher, Peter Barber, left us so unexpectedly last Saturday, August 22, 2015. He was a kind, gentle man in his late sixties, with a peaceful smile whose thoughtful wisdom guided the practice of each of his students on the mat and in life. He brought light and love to all those he came in contact with – even if you only met for a brief period of time. That brief period would feel like you knew him for a lifetime. He would open each Sunday’s class with a thought, all students sat listening, absorbing every word coming from the authentic loving place of an advanced soul.

Peter’s legacy will live on through each of his students as we “open our hearts”, “connect with the wisdom of the light within ourselves”, “walk as if we are kissing the Earth with our feet”, as “we express beauty/creativity and then expand from that place”, as we “connect with the fatherly wisdom and support of our inner guidance,” “being present in each moment in full awareness,” and to learn to “appreciate the changing weather in our lives as we journey along.”

Like the red balloon, we are all just passing through in this life.

What sort of legacy are you leaving behind?

Will you have made a difference in someone’s life?

How will you be remembered?